nspired Films

Our films are created with the whole YOU in mind, dealing with matters of life that affect mind, body, and spirit.

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Ideally, we recommend our films be followed with discussion panels, group exercises, and/or teachings that delve deeper into the issues presented to bring about healing and wholeness. In this manner, viewers are not solely entertained, but walk away educated and empowered to live better lives.

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  • If you are interested in screening one of the films below, contact us. And, if you need help with post-film speakers and/or activity ideas, please make that known in your initial request.

  • If you are a production or distribution company in search of films or screenplays, contact us.

  • If you are an actor, stay tuned to our Facebook page for casting notices.

The Ghost Within

Words release power that kills, steals and destroys or gives life.

A fragile woman must confront the effect of a childhood trauma that burrowed within and now returns to claim the peace of her adulthood. [Running time: 22:42 min.]

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/666571406

Topics addressed: adults suffering from childhood trauma, debilitating strongholds

“Just one moment of ecstasy

can cost a lifetime”

Justice, an African-American inmate, battles the dark memory of one moment of ecstasy that claimed his lover and his freedom. [Running time: 18.39 min.]

Topics addressed: drugs, relationships

Released Summer 2006. MAC N-Spired Productions

“Too many lovers in one fragile mind can render oneself… TOUCHED”

Tina, a hardworking woman from the Bronx deeply scarred by childhood molestation, neglect and abandonment tries to escape the disappointments of her past in the arms of man. [Running time 14.56 min.]

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/388738308

Topics addressed: self-esteem, healthy relationships

Released Summer 2006. MAC N-Spired Productions

Am I Alone? Is this the end of mankind?

One woman clings to faith as she searches for surviors after the Covid-19 outbreak. [experimental self-reflection] [Running time: 1.34 min.]


Topics addressed: Inner emotions during onset of the Covid pandemic

Released Spring 2020. N-Spired Productions

An middle-aged woman gets lost in a psychological reflection of self during a beautification ritual. {This project is an experimental, silent short, developed to trigger psychological reflection and foster conversation that liberates us from our hidden selves..} [Running time: 1.35 min.]


Topics addressed: self-identity

Released 2021. N-Spired Productions

“Too many lovers in one fragile mind can render oneself… TOUCHED”

A down-trodden middle-aged suburban woman hears a powerful message while washing dishes and gains power to stay the course. [Running time 8.03 min.]

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/530150359

Topics addressed: stagnancy

Released 2021. N-Spired Productions

Real friends save lives, unsolicited.

A middle-aged woman receives unsolicited help during her struggle with depression from a persistent friend. [Running time: 6.07 min.]

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/382405016

Topics addressed: depression, medication, withdrawal

Released Spring 2020. N-Spired Productions