nspired Books

Between the Pages: Where trials become TRIUMPH!
Between the Pages accounts the life of one brave woman, HIV/AIDS advocate and artist, Joyce Ann McDonald. Join the many people across the globe who have already found inspiration and strength from the transparency of her life story which transcends from a life of low self-esteem, drug and sexual abuse, to ordained minister, NYS chaplain, and world renowned speaker and testimonial artist.
Good News Buster: On the Southern Path to Purpose
Good News Buster highlights the early years of Roosevelt Johnson – a spiritual patriarch of Present-Day Truth who was born after the Great Depression. A descendant of sharecroppers and self-made businessmen with deep spiritual roots, Roosevelt is determined to find a way out of the oppressive South. When an opportunity to perform secular music at The Apollo Theater in Harlem surfaces, Roosevelt takes a chance, veering from his call to the Gospel and promising himself he’ll return. Will the prospect of earthly gain drown out his inner voice?
Thy Spirit is Upon Me
Our interactions upon one another makes us who we are. As we transform, our spirits become receptive to that of our nature, not in the natural but in the supernatural form; we tune in to our calling and we do answer. This book is for those that dare to be inspired and challenged to look into the window of their own soul as Stephen A. Carpenter exposes the inner turning of his soul and life journey as inspired by God.
Wisdom Keys
In Wisdom Keys: Modern Proverbs From The Carpenter Son, Stephen A. Carpenter delivers inspiration using a unique, poetic, urban voice that resonates the wisdom found in biblical proverbs of old. His words are real to life and refreshing to the mind, body and soul, helping us unlock the doors that keep us from experiencing the life we were destined to live.
Within every one of us exists a dream, a love found, and perhaps a love lost. In the Dreamer, poetically crafted by Lady Tiffany, we are reunited with that hidden self to see the heart of a soldier and a new determination to live and love again.
One Awesome School
Vienna is a special girl with special needs. The children at her old school made fun of her because of her disabilities, so Vienna’s parents move her to a new school. Will she finally find the acceptance she longs for?