Our Company

N-Spired Productions & Services LLC was officially established as its own entity in 2015 after operating under MAC Creations, established 1997. 

The Mission

The mission of N-Spired Productions & Services LLC is to develop and facilitate holistic workshops, literary publications and inspirational productions that educate, empower and entertain, and to reward exemplary “people of change” in order to promote goodwill for those in need psychologically, emotionally and/or financially.

The Vision

The vision of N-Spired Productions & Services LLC is to…

  • See people inspired to fulfill their dreams.
  • See families restored, having goals for growth and stability.
  • See addictive behaviors managed, including over-spending, over-eating, and sexual promiscuity.
  • See young adults maintain a healthy sense of self and goals for societal contribution.
  • See a working network of like-minded businesses working together.


The objectives for the first five years include:

  • To create a company whose primary goal is to empower communities
  • To establish a minimum of 4 “pay it forward” contests
  • To conduct a minimum of 3 seminars/workshops each year
  • To develop a strong internet following of 5,000+ by the end of the third year.
  • To develop a sustainable business that is able to survive off its own cash flow


  • Workshops, seminars and podcasts covering the subjects of poverty cycles, breaking cycles, the spiritual self, and youth empowerment. 
    • Breaking the Poverty Mentality
    • Thrive on a Budget and a Prayer
    • Ending Ancestral Cycles (Restoring the Family)
    • Designed by God (Adolescents)

  • Books, journals, and publications geared to education and empowerment.

  • Inspirational events & productions utilizing the written, visual & performing arts.
    • Art, fashion and talent showcases
    • Video, television and film productions
    • “Pay it Forward” awards * (Travel partnerships airlines/hotels, publicized on partner tv/talk shows)

  • Business to businesses partnerships, networking resources that are in-line with its mission and vision.

Company Presentation

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